Marty Scurll

Martin "MartyScurll (born 26 July 1988) is an English professional wrestler, currently signed to Ring of Honor (ROH), where he is a former one-time ROH World Television Champion. He has wrestled for the likes of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Progress Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, and many more. Alongside Zack Sabre Jr. he is a member of the tag team the Leaders of the New School. From 2014 to 2015, he was one of the hosts of Wrestle Talk TV on Challenge.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Crossface chickenwing
    • Graduation (Swinging double underhook suplex) – 2006–2014; used as a signature thereafter
    • Party's Over (Backbreaker rack dropped into a double knee backbreaker) – 2006–2014
  • Signature move
    • Bridging double chickenwing
    • European uppercut, sometimes while sliding to a kneeling opponent
    • Falcon arrow
    • Gory special
    • Jackknife powerbomb
    • Kneeling reverse piledriver
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Missile drop
      • Rope-assisted enzuigiri
      • Just Kidding! (Feint superkick, followed by a second to the knee, with theatrics)
    • Knee smash to a kneeling opponent
    • Lariat
    • Low blow
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • German
      • Inverted
      • Rolling release
    • Octopus hold
    • Pumphandle neckbreaker
    • Snapping opponent's fingers (with theatrics)
    • Suicide dive sometimes transitioned into a swinging DDT
    • Tornado DDT (Sometimes used as a setup for the crossface chickenwing)