This is a meta page intended to provide clarification on which sources may be cited in the "Reception" section of event pages.  This page is locked from editing for quality control purposes.  To suggest a new reviewer or discuss whether a reviewer should be added or removed from the list of approved reviewers visit Talk:Meta:Approved Reviewers.

Potential reviewers shall be judged based on their history of following New Japan Pro-Wrestling, possessing special insight into an event (such as having attended live), their level of noteriety, and the quality of their work.

Approved Reviewers

These sources are approved to be included in the "Reception" section of events:

  • Stuart (Strong Style Spirit)
  • Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer)
  • Enuhito (Enuhito's Blog)
  • Mike Sempervive (Wrestling Observer)
  • Adam Summers (Wrestling Observer)
  • Alan Counihan (Fighting Spirit Magazine, Wrestling Observer)
  • WH Park (Fight Network)
  • Chris Charlton (Fight Network)

Pending Reviewers

These sources are awaiting review for inclusion in the "Reception" section of events:

Rejected Reviewers

These sources are not allowed to be included in the "Reception" section of events: