Ricochet at Final Act 5

Trevor Mann (October 11, 1988) is an American professional wrestler better known by the ring name Ricochet. He is currently wrestling in the Japanese promotion Dragon Gate, where he is a former Open the Dream Gate, Open The Brave Gate, Open The Twin Gate and Open The Triangle Gate champion.

Ricochet also wrestles for the American promotions Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), where he won the 2014 Battle Of Los Angeles, and Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA), where he is the reigning Open the Freedom Gate Champion, and previously Chikara, where he mainly worked under a mask as Helios. He has also worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is the winner of the 2014 Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Ricochet also wrestles for AAA Lucha Underground, where he is the current reigning AAA Lucha Underground Champion under the name, Prince Puma.

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • As Prince Puma
      • 630° senton
      • Vertigo ( Spinning Michinoku Driver II)
    • As Ricochet
      • 630° senton
      • Benadryller (Fireman's carry dropped into a roundhouse kick) – 2014–present
      • Benadyller MK2 ( Fireman's Carry Into A Overhead Kick )
      • Double rotation moonsault
      • People's Moonsault(Moonsault with theatrics)
    • As Helios
      • 630° senton
      • Vertigo (Spinning Michinoku Driver II)
      • Heliocentricity (Standing or running shooting star press)
      • The Sky is Falling (Diving double knee drop to a standing opponent)
  • Signature moves
    • As Ricochet
      • Backflip kick
      • Backslide Driver (Jumping backslide transitioned into a piledriver)
      • Corkscrew 450° splash, sometimes from the second rope
      • Horizontal Gory special
      • Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick
      • Leg hook belly-to-back suplex
      • Northern Lights suplex rolling into deaflift vertical suplex
      • Over the top rope corkscrew moonsault dive
      • Rickrack (Jumping reverse bulldog)
      • Shooting star press
      • Superman punch
      • Tornado DDT
    • As Helios
      • Burning Screwdriver (Cobra clutch backbreaker followed by a spin-out cobra clutch slam)
      • Backslide Driver (Jumping backslide transitioned into a piledriver)
      • Cannonball
      • Corkscrew 450° splash, sometimes from the second rope
      • Corner backflip kick
      • Over the top rope no-handed corkscrew moonsault plancha
      • Spinning wheel kick
      • Springboard moonsault
      • Tornado DDT