220px-Yuji Nagata
Yuji Nagata (永田 裕志 Nagata Yūji?, born April 24, 1968)[1] is a Japanese professional wrestler signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is known for his perennial tweener status, currently a solid fan favorite, and his stiff, shoot style wrestling technique.

A two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, Nagata is the fourth longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion with a reign of 392 days. He held the record for most successful title defenses with 10, until Hiroshi Tanahashi broke the record at Wrestle Kingdom VI.[3] He is the only wrestler to have won Japanese professional wrestling's three biggest singles tournaments; New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax, All Japan Pro Wrestling's Champion Carnival and Pro Wrestling Noah's Global League Tournament. He is also a former holder of Noah's top title, the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • Backdrop Hold (Bridging belly-to-back suplex)
    • Drive Screw (Swinging vertical suplex)
    • Nagata Lock (Reverse figure-four leglock)
    • Nagata Lock II (Crossface)
    • Nagata Lock III (Double underhook crossface)
    • Nagata Lock IV (Chickenwing over the shoulder crossface)
    • STF – WCW
    • Thunder Death Driver (Kneeling crucifix powerbomb)
  • Signature moves
    • Cross armbar
    • Guillotine choke
    • Justice Knee (Step-up high knee to a cornered opponent)
    • Lifting DDT
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Enzuigiri
      • Rolling wheel
      • Roundhouse
      • Running arched big boot
      • Shoot
      • Spinning wheel
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • Belly-to-back
      • Exploder of Justice (Exploder, sometimes while applying a wrist-clutch or from the top rope)
      • High-angle belly-to-back
      • Northern Lights
      • Overhead belly-to-belly
    • Piledriver
    • Shining wizard
    • Shirome (Seated armbar, with theatrics)
    • Sleeper hold